The grey goods / materials used by Azomo for manufacturing their products should be ecologically and ethically safe and comply with current standards.

Procurement of textiles:

In Europe
90% of the materials we use are of European origin. When choosing manufacturers, we attach importance to sustainability. These meet the high requirements / standards and are single or multiple certified.

In Asia
We emphasize great importance to sustainability. The raw materials should be ecologically and ethically harmless and the used raw materials must comply with current standards.

Our suppliers / production companies as well as their products are certified according to various standards. For detailed information please contact us:

Here are some examples of the different labels:

Procurement of goods for safety shoes:

Azomo India Private Limited is responsible for the procurement of raw materials from Asia, South America and Europe. Here, too, we are striving to implement all the standards.

A large part of the raw materials comes from India. The presence with our local management allows for a strict selection and monitoring of suppliers.
The majority of the population in India lives as small farmers in the countryside. They are Hindus and vegetarians following their religion.
We process, without exception, buffalo leather in India. The buffalo are not bred for the leather industry, but are kept by the rural population as farm animals and as milk suppliers. Often there live only 2 to 3 animals per family. They will not receive any bought-in concentrated food. Most animals die of a natural cause. Accordingly, a large part of the leather used for the production of safety shoes does not come from slaughtered buffalo.

The tanning of animal skins is environmentally harmful. The Azomo Team India buys the high quality leather hides locally directly from the tanneries. They only take into account companies that comply with the applicable social and environmental standards. The tanneries must be connected to a wastewater treatment plant.

Logistics and transport:

Imports from Asia:
The majority of the transports are carried out by sea. Deliveries by air freight have the highest CO2 emissions. For this reason, we reduce air transport to an absolute minimum.

We work together with the major transport companies, which have their own environmental programs to reduce CO2 emissions.

Transports in Europe:
The distribution of goods in Europe is mostly carried out with the large parcel service providers. They are actively working to reduce CO2 emissions.